Freedom for Catalonia

Catalonia is kidnapped by a political class focused in selfish interests rather than citizens worries

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Constitutional Court accepts recourse against language penalties

Constitutional Court has accepted the resources against the Commerce Law that entitles Generalitat to impose penalties to shops which do not use at least Catalan in their labelling.
Some activists are trying to put this law into the limit, by denouncing brands like 'El Corte Inglés', 'Caja Madrid' or 'Burger King', which obviously are not in Catalan!
Anothe resource has been accpeted also agains Cinema Law, which forces exhibitors to show at least 50% of the films dubbed to Catalan language. As it wa snot easy to find so many films dubbed to Catalan, penalties are now also applied to film distributors, which now also need to distribute at least 50% of the films dubbed to Catalan.
These compencies are ruled by Antoni Castella, from PSC.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Parlament Elections

Parlament de Catalunya Elections are next November 28th. Up to 7 parties and coalitions could get a parliament seat. Newcomer is the party of former FCBarcelona president, Laporta, with a radical message, and maybe up to 3 seats. Parties member of the current governement coalition, Tripartit, are all reducing their votes. So CiU could win with a qualified majority. Even Artur Mas is the most appreciated leader in the polls.
I hope participation increases. Interested or not in nationalism or in politics, the people elected will rule Catalonia for the next 4 years, and their decissions will have more impact on catalonian citizens day-life than Spanish government. So it is not understandable so many people only vote in Spanish National elections and not in Catalonia Regional elections.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Constitutional Court rules on Estatut de Catalunya - Govern and Parlament announce demostrations against ruling

Spanish Constitutional Court has finally ruled on Estatut de Catalunya. After 4 years of discussion, and suffering pressure from diferent sectors, there is a result of the demand to rule whether Estatut was in agreement with Spanish Constitution or not.
Although only 1 article has been rejected, 13 modified, and 29 clarified, most of the content has passed through. Anyhow Catalan nationalists are not happy - or at least they pretend so.
In an action without precedent, Govern (Catalonian regional government) and Parlament (Catalonian regional parliament) have announced demostrations to complain against the ruling. This extreme means no acceptance of the ruling, which is something dificult to understand from institutional bodies.
In my opinion courts should separate from public duty to those representative sinvolve din these demostrations, since they reflect lack of respect to highest court.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Montilla will visit Spanish Senate and talk in Catalan - cost 6.000 EUR

President of Generalitat, Montilla, will visit Spanish Senate, and will talk in Catalan. Speaking the other non-Spanish languages used in Spain in the Senate, like Galician, Basque or Catalan, was recently approved.
Montilla, born in Andalucia speaks perfectly Spanish. In fact he does not speak so good in Catalan. Anyhow, he will speak in Catalan, to support the 'diferencial fact'. This means translators will be required, at the time of the speech, also to produce the diferent versions of the written copy.
Total cost is 6.000 EUR. This is not as big cost, but it is a waste in a time when all Spanish citizens should stop wasting money, and specially politicians.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Catalonia's Parlament debates whether to ban bull-fighting

Catalonia's Parlament has opened a debate in order to ban bull-fighting. This is a cultural practice in Spain with centuries of history. Animal rights activists, ecologists and in general leftist supporters are against bull-fighting, in some cases even as a way to show anti-Spanish feelings.
Meanwhile, other regions of Spain, like Madrid, Valencia and Murcia are fostering to declre bull-fighting as a cultural manifestation to be protected by the authorities.
I really don't understand the point of those willing to ban bull-fighting, because the animal suffers, unless they would also be vegetarians. Otherwise it would be not very consistent thinking.
Anyhow, this willingness to ban things, instead of fostering others, is a sign of intolerance and lack of freedom. You don't like bull-fighting: don't attend to bull-runs , don't watch it on TV. But don't disturb others, don't ban the Sanfermines!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Language purity over collecting bills

In Barcelona traffic signs limiting parking zones are written only in Catalan. But Spanish law says it is mandatory to write prohibitions and regulations at least in Spanish. Therefore those citizens who get a bill from Barcelona city, can always allege they do not understand the traffic sign - and bill, and therefore avoid paying the bill, which becomes totally uneffective.
The city could make an easy solution, write the prohibition signs in the 2 official languages in Catalonia, Catalan and Spanish. But due to nationalist parties agreements, they only do it in Catalan, therefore making a legal hole which the citizens are charmed to take benefit of.
Also in traffic regulation, nationalism is more important than enforcing the law.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Anna Hernandez, President Montilla's wife, holds 14 public offices

Scandal has shaken PSC Partit Socialistes de Catalunya, due to massive corruption related with building permits. Anna Hernandez, President Montilla's wife is now on the point of sight. Responsible for Urbanism in the cityhall of Sant Just Desvern, and member of 'Diputación de Barcelona', she holds 14 public offices, include being member of the board of 'La Caixa'. She is only getting one salary, but , how can she handle all 14 jobs?